Make-Up Wishes 2014

Make-Up Wishes 2014

01 Roses de Chloé EdT // I had the chance to smell at this wondeful scent and now, i'm absolutely obsessed! It think, it would be a great scent for Autumn and i just love the bottle.

02 Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette // I wanted one of the Naked Palettes for a long time, but until now i couldn't decide, which one i wanted. Based on the colours, i chose the second.

03 MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer 'NC 20' // I just chose this concealer, because i want a new, good Concealer, which really fits my skin tone and has a good quality.

04 Dior 5 Couleurs Lift Eyeshadow 'Lifting Ivory' // I discovered this beautiful palette, when i was browsing around douglas.de and now i'm obsessed with the design and the naturally colours!

05 CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Colour '583 Taboo' // This nail polish is on my wishlist, because i wanted it for a very long time now and i'm so in love with this colour.

06 MAC Brushes '168 Large Angled Colour', '187 Stilpling Brush', '188 Small Fiber Optic', '134 Large Powder Brush' // Those brushes seem perfect to me. Everyone is talking about them, but they're a bit expensive. Maybe for my birthday Wishlist?

07 Dior Addict Gloss Pure 'No.452 - Ailée' // Since I  read a Review on 'Give the Bitch her Chocolate' about those glosses, I was so in love with the design and the colours, but it isn't a 'Must-Have' for me...maybe one day.

08 MAC Mineralize Blush 'Warm Soul' // The colour Warm Soul seems to be the perfect 'Everyday-Colour' for me! I want it so bad!

09 Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara // This mascara is, like the Dior Lipgloss not a 'Must-Buy' or 'Must-Have' for me, but i really like the Design/Shape of it and I have read lots of gut Reviews about it.

Heute wollte ich Euch einmal eine kleine Wishlist zum Thema Beauty in 2014 zeigen!
Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen, weniger Drogerieprodukte einzukaufen und mir ein paar teurere, aber eben auch qualitativ hochwertigere Produkte zuzulegen.

Ich möchte endlich mal ein Puder haben, dass nicht nur 'so lala' zu meinem Hautton passt und mal zu dunkel oder zu hell ist, sondern eines, dass ich auch wirklich Nachkaufe, weil es meine Anforderungen erfüllt.
Also werde ich mich bald einmal beraten lassen und mich entsprechend mit ein paar 'Essentials' wie Concealer und Puder ausstatten.
Die wichtigsten Produkte, die ich mir dieses Jahr wohl auch zulegen werde, sind Concealer, Puder und Mineralize Blush von MAC sowie die Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette.
Im Gegenzug möchte ich auch meine Kosmetikschublade wirklich aussortieren, so dass ich sicherlich einiges auf Kleiderkreisel stellen werde. Vielleicht wäre ja auch was für Euch dabei?

Today i wanted to show you my Make-Up Wishlist for 2014!
I decided to buy less of the 'cheap drugstore Cosmetic' and instead some expensive, but qualitative high-class products.

I just want a powder, which doesn't fit 'comme ci, comme ça' to my skin tone, but one, which really meets my requirements. So I will get me some advise and buy 'essentials'.
The important products to me are Concealer, Foundation and Mineralize Blush by MAC plus the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.
In return i want to clean up my 'cosmeticdrawer' amd sell some stuff on kleiderkreisel. 
Maybe you would find something there? 

Love Always,

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