Bucketlist 2013

1. Swim in the Sea.
2. Write a "Dear Friend" letter.
3. Complete a Scrapbook.
4. Get a nice tan.
5. Have a Beauty Day.
6. Read all my unread books.
7. Go 24 hours without complaining.
8. Finish my "Wreck this Journal".
9. Go on a train and drive anywhere.
10. Go on a vacation with friends.
11. Lose weight.
12. Go on a concert.
13. Get better Grades.
14. Learn how to walk in Pumps.
15. Get a piercing.
16. Do an Everyday Photochallenge.
17. Grow my Hair.
18. Kiss.
19. Use a fake name at Starbucks.
20. Get a really nice dress.
21. Finish the Gossip Girl Series.
22. Stop being shy.
23. Get my own "Soundtrack".
24. Get Vans.
25. Finish at least 15 things on my bucketlist.
26. Hangout with friends a lot.
27. Own Victoria's Secret underwear.
28. Write a letter to myself.
29. Take a lot of pictures.
30.Own a band shirt.
31. Jump in a Pool fully clothed.
32. Get drunk.
33. Learn how to surf.
34. Get a lot of bracelets.
35. Go sailing.
36. Get my braces off.
37. Spend money on something big, i've wanted for a long time.
38. Ride a rollercoaster.
39. Get my nails done.
40. Make new friends.
41. Get a polaroid camera.
42. Read lots of english books.
43. Get someones Number.
44. Design my own tattoos.
45. Spend all day in Bikini.
46. Jump off a boat.
47. Go without electronic for a day.
48. Watch all films i've ever wanted to watch.
49. Spend all day in Pyjamas watching films.
50. Be Happy.

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